Other Places of Note

The Glorious Khanate: A Brilliant floating city of orderly canals and soft breezes. The Khan’s city was founded long before the current city. The Khanate is unquestionably one of the greatest powers in the Neath. They are secretive and steeped in tradition. Untrusting of all outsiders, particularly those from Excultus. Any foreign merchants who wish to do business here will be required to obtain special permits and would do well to not stay in the city for any longer than is required.

Khan’s Heart: Excultus’ rival. An oasis of light in the salt black wastes. Canals thread the painted city. Street-lamps glow and water-taxis putter.”

The Onyx Republic: Hell’s client state. Very few were willing to travel down to hell just to trade, so hell came up to the Neath to meet them half way. It is possible that the city once belonged to some other power, but hell came, and freed them of that burden. It’s an excellent place to buy fuel, and other raw materials at a reasonable cost, but be wary, it’s not a particularly safe harbour. There are wonders and horrors to be found here, but not in equal measures.

“Factory-engines roar like false lions. Blood thunders in the dock-pipes. Crimson lightning skitters across the deck, leaps to the rail, coils there like a cat. The city is reflected in glassy-calm harbour water: the citizens there have the heads of dogs and serpents.

Hell has brought freedom to the Onyx Republic: though from what is harder to say…"

Adam’s Way: The gateway to the Elder Continent. Adam’s way is a large city to the southeast of. It Trades in goods from the continent to the south. In order to enter the city gates, you must tell them one of three stories. Visitors are allowed to spend only one day at a time in Adam’s way, but it is a bustling port with many exotic goods. Their main export is coffee, which is highly prized in Irem.

“To the south: the Elder Continent, and the seventy-two cornucopian kingdoms of the Presbyterate. Are the stories true – rivers of honey; castles of ivory? Who can say? Foreigners (that’s you) are forbidden from the interior. The closest most get is Adam’s Way: a shouting, feasting, thieving, riot of a port.”

Varchas: The City of Light. In view of the mountain that is Stone, this is a city without shadows. Almost every surface inside the walls of Varchas are mirrored or covered in lamps and glowing fungus. Shadows are not welcome in the city, and they take illumination very seriously.

This city is home to the 5 great temples of the Empyreal Lords (4 depending on your thoughts on Sarenrae), and is the religious center of the Mulvani civilization.

“The city is a beacon against the tree-hushed, sprawling darkness of the Elder Continent. In the far distance a vast mountain glimmers.”

Other Places of Interest that are Commonly Known:

Mutton Island: Located not far from Excultus, this small island used to be a suburb before the city fell and the waters rushed in. A small trading village, they tend to specialize in fishing the relatively safe waters around the city.

Wither: Far to the north lies the city of questions. Thought of by most in the Neath as really just bloody annoying. Everyone in this place answers questions only with questions, and giving answers can get a citizen of the place banished.

The Grand Geode: Even the most hardened Sailors of the Neath avoid this place. It is a strange and disturbing city to the far south, Where the Elder Continent meets the new. Strange happenings, and a habit of keeping a very large fleet of warships tends to discourage most visitors.

Irem: The pillared city will rise from the sea and ice like dawn. It was garlanded with red and gold. they trade in those things less substantive. You left a piece of yourself here, but already you are arriving a stranger. Each of the seven heads of the serpent watch you, will have watched, have always been watching. Few have ever spoken truthfully of this place.

The Chelonate: An island built on the shell of an enormous turtle slain by the monster-hunters that now populate it. The skeletal remains of such quarry looms from the sea around the city. They are known for their medical skill and knowledge of anatomy. Also for being a bit quick to acquire new specimens for study.

Khan’s Shadow: Those who were exiled from the new Khannate after the civil war. They now have a floating city of markets built on the ruins of their war fleet. Great wealth floats here among the refuse of a broken empire. They tend to be a lot less stuck up than their Glorious counterparts, as trade is their lifeblood, and they need all they can get.

The Uttershroom: It’s a giant mushroom. It has a lot of smaller mushrooms on it. Mainly a farming outpost, they have a great love of honey, if you can bring it to them, they will happily trade with you for all the fungus you could want.

Port Carnelian: Excultus’ sole imperial colony in the Neath, in the heat of the south. Sapphire mines and fungal jungles are the main attractions here. Though not much of a tourist destination, they are a valuable source of resources for the empire.

Frostfound: It is said that at the sea’s northern edge, just before the edge of the world its self, there is a fortress. Towers of ice and mystery that few have ever dared venture in to. Frostfound shines in the neath like a a diamond of immeasurable size. Perhaps it was built to defend against some great and terrible foe, or perhaps as a prison. Few who enter ever come out, and those who do, are rarely able to speak of what they saw within.

Kingeater’s Castle: The 8th watcher stands sentinel. She will not see anything.
“An old voracity lives here, in the far reaches of the zee. The priests are long gone, but sacrifices are still made. Perhaps you have come here to make a sacrifice. Perhaps the sacrifice is you.”

Other Places of Note

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