Lissi Eydaani

Sylph Alchemist


Pale, white-ish almost translucent skin with light blue whorls, light grey eyes (with a small gold fleck in each iris), short white-blond hair. Slight and wiry build. 150 cm tall

Lissi left home hoping to learn lots of interesting things. She quickly decided that it was best to focus on things that she could put to a… practical use; things like alchemical formulae for bombs and ability-enhancing mutagens. Lissi’s combination of an inquiring mind and a sense of self-preservation helped her successfully navigate a few adventures before meeting her current companions. She is pleased to be part of a group with other inquiring minds, but is occasionally surprised at the lack of self-preservation instincts. Unlike some alchemists, Lissi likes to approach things in a somewhat orderly manner, and enjoys taking notes and recording the results of her alchemical experiments. Since being abruptly transported to the Neath, she has been trying to record the crew’s experiences and the local phenomena.

Lissi Eydaani

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