Karliov Rikilian

Tengu Storm Druid


4’9" (145 cm)
80 lbs
A short tengu of slight build, with feathers patterned like a Eurasian Jay. Each of his light-blue eyes has a small fleck of gold.

Most often seen sporting a crab-shell breastplate and a grey salt-crusted cloak that billows in the wind like clouds in a storm.


When you are born on a boat off the coast of Tian Xia during a storm, what choice do you have? Whether it’s a primal connection to the sea, the deific providence of Gozreh, or simply wanderlust, the waves call to you. There are always more wonders to behold, more adventures to be had.

It’s trivial to find work on-board as a Storm Druid. The winds always favour you and the currents are as easily navigated as city streets. The real challenge is finding a crew that won’t cause you too much trouble.

Sometimes though, circumstance finds a crew for you. You’re left wondering if your troubles arise from your companions tempting Fate, or if this is what Fate had planned all along.

This sea is… different. The air is stale, the water, almost oily, and the sky is better left to the imagination. The fauna… can you call it fauna? And the flora… well, if you concentrate, you can hardly tell it’s mushrooms. This sea is different, but it beats living on dry land.

Karliov Rikilian

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